How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Holidays

gyroAs a student, the summer holidays are your reward for a year of intense work and study, juggling multiple commitments and hopefully putting your all into your classes. So your first priority is to rest, heal and recharge – without a decent holiday, it’s easy to burn out from mental stress and fatigue. Enjoy, relax, celebrate your achievements! But the summer holidays are a long time – even after fully chilling out for a while, you’ll find there’s a ton of extra time on your hands. This is one of the few times in your life where you’ll have such long stretches of vacant time, and there are a few ways to make the most of it:

  • Go travel. As a student, you’re in an amazing position to travel. You have an abundance of free time, as well as lots of special deals available to you. Of course your budget is a bit more limited, but there are plenty of ways to travel on the cheap, especially through Australia and Asia. Invest in a good backpack and pick up some cheap tickets, and let your adventure unfold.
  • Volunteer. Summer holidays are also the perfect time to volunteer, as it can be difficult to fit this around normal work or study hours. Volunteering is a chance to give something back to the community, the environment, or even just a particular group that’s helped you out. It doesn’t have to be all altruistic either – volunteering counts as work experience, and always looks great on a resume.
  • Work experience. When you graduate, the things you do beyond your study curriculum are what will make you stand out from other job candidates. Getting some work experience from industry-relevant businesses is a great way to not only pick up new skills, but also figure out if you even want to be in that industry at all. For those who aren’t completely sure of the direction they want to go in, work experience is a fantastic opportunity to decide. Over the summer many businesses offer internships – not all are paid, however, so double check before applying.
  • Work. If you can’t find an industry position, the next best thing is to simply work any job. Of course you don’t want to burn yourself out, but any extra money you make over the summer can go towards your loans and course costs for the next year.

Make sure you properly relax over your summer holiday to be rested and ready for the year ahead, but take advantage of the time to gain valuable experiences as well.