Ideas For Choosing Your Field Of Study

study tips for adult learnersFor anyone seeking higher education, a huge question will always be what area you want to pursue your study and qualification in. There are so many subjects, and each with their own intricacies and specific areas within them. Questions such as which one will find you a job, which one you’re most passionate about, and which one will make you happiest can cause a huge amount of stress for students just leaving high school, who are expected to make a firm choice right away. There is no single answer for everyone, and in the end it’s extremely likely that you will change jobs multiple times in the course of your life, so there’s no need to feel that it’s the be-all end-all. However, there are some things to consider that can help.

1. Do you even need to study? There is a lot of pressure put on students to continue their education after high school, but this isn’t for everyone. There are many career paths that don’t require higher education that can just be as rewarding and satisfying, and for some people study is simply not a thing they enjoy. But, in general, having more educational qualifications will give a wider range of employment options.

2. There are many more jobs in each field than most people realise. When first looking into career paths, it’s easy to assume that every job under a certain category is the same. However in fact, each individual situation is very different and may provide a totally different experience. In addition, there will be unique job descriptions within a field that you never even hear about until you begin to specialise and learn more about the industry you’re entering.

3. There are ways to pursue your passions beyond study. Dedicating your course of study to something you love can the most enriching path in life for some people. For others, it may be that they’re happier pursuing their passions in their spare time and finding something else that satisfies them to make a living off.

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